Welcome to Smith Orchard!

Another harvest has started!
Our crop is beautiful...Come pick with us!

Opening September 8, 2020

No alpacas

We no longer have heirloom apples

Due to Covid we will not have a harvest brunch this year

Open Tues through Sunday 9-5 Closed on Mondays

Call 524-9000 for more information

Or email us at:  info@SmithOrchard.com

Smith Orchard 2017

Smith Orchard 2017

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Apple Picking in a Traditional New England Orchard

The antique varieties of produce such as tomatoes and other fruit has developed an increase of interest over the past few years. Smith Orchard has antique apples, planted in 1929. These 80 year old trees are producing fabulous fruit. They may not be as pretty or as red as the new varieties on the market today but what they lack in looks, they make up for in taste. A taste that is genuine and true to the variety. If Macintosh, Cortland and Red Delicious apples are your favorites…try us. You will taste what these apples tasted like 80 years ago. If size and color are important to you, we have over 2000 semi-dwarf trees that produce large, colorful and tasty fruit.

Aerial View of Smith Orchard!


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